Cambridge Companion to American Literature and the Body

Cambridge Companion to American Literature and the Body

Cambridge University Press






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Introduction: Travis M. Foster; I. Genres: 1. Bodies in early US-Atlantic theater Marvin McAllister; 2. Sentimentalism and the feeling body Claudia Stokes; 3. Slavery, disability and the Black body/White body complex in the American slave narrative Maurice Wallace; 4. Monstrous bodies of the American gothic Agnieszka Soltysik Monnet; 5. Bodies at war Colleen Glenney Boggs; 6. Decolonizing the body in multiethnic American fiction Sony Coranez Bolton; 7. Science fiction's humanoid bodies of the future Frances Tran; 8. Contemporary North American transgender literature: realness, fantasy, and the body Stephanie Clare; II. Critical Methodologies: 9. Feminist theory, feminist criticism, and the sex/gender distinction Christine 'Xine' Yao; 10. Reading bodies and textual materialities Thomas Constantinesco; 11. How to read disabled bodies in history Erica Fretwell; 12. How to read disabled bodies now: crip of color critique Anna Hinton; 13. Health humanities, illness, and the body in American literature Lindsey Grubbs; 14. The Indigenous body in American literature Sean Teuton; 15. The Black Body and the reading of race Christine Okoth; 16. Ecocriticism and the body Delia Byrnes.
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