Cambridge Companion to American Gothic

Cambridge Companion to American Gothic

Cambridge University Press






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Introduction. The American Gothic Jeffrey Andrew Weinstock; Part I. Periods: 1. Early American Gothic (Puritan and New Republic) Faye Ringel; 2. Romanticism and the American Gothic Alfred Bendixen; 3. American Gothic realism and naturalism Monika Elbert; 4. Modernist American Gothic John Paul Riquelme; 5. Contemporary American Gothic Justin D. Edwards; Part II. Identities and Locations: 6. Race and the American Gothic Ellen Weinauer; 7. American female Gothic Diane Long Hoeveler; 8. Queer American Gothic Ardel Haefele-Thomas; 9. American frontier Gothic Elizabeth Jane Wall Hinds; 10. Southern American Gothic Charles L. Crow; 11. Urban American Gothic Lenny Cassuto; Part III. Genre and Media: 12. The Gothic in American children's literature Karen Coats; 13. Gothic American poetry Travis D. Montgomery; 14. Gothic American drama Heather S. Nathans; 15. Gothic American film and TV Carol Margaret Davidson; 16. Gothic American gaming Tanya Krzywinska; Index.
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