Business School in the Twenty-First Century

Business School in the Twenty-First Century

Emergent Challenges and New Business Models

Lorange, Peter; Sheth, Jagdish; Thomas, Howard

Cambridge University Press






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Questions about the status and legitimacy of business schools continue to stimulate debate amongst deans, educational policy makers and commentators. In this book, three world experts share their insights on new business school models, on designing the business school of the future, and how to make it work.
Preface: tipping or tripping? The business school and its dilemmas; 1. The business school: history, evolution and the search for legitimacy; 2. Business school identity and legitimacy: its relationship to the modern university and society; 3. Rethinking management education and its models: a critical examination of management and management education; 4. A framework for re-evaluating paradigms of management education; 5. Evaluating new and innovative models of management education; 6. Is the business school a professional firm? Lessons learned; 7. Enhancing dynamic capabilities in the business school: improving leadership capabilities in curricula and management; 8. Afterword: business school futures; Index.
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