Book of Ecclesiastes (Qohelet) and the Path to Joyous Living

Book of Ecclesiastes (Qohelet) and the Path to Joyous Living

Perry, T. A.

Cambridge University Press





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Introduction: the path of moral philosophy and beyond; Part I. Human Hebel ('Vanity'): Sins of Collection: 1. 'I Qohelet was king' (1:12): the collector theme (1:12-2:26); 2. Fool's toil (1:2-3); 3. Excess and its passions (1:8-11); 4. A practical guide for living wisely; Part II. Universal Hebel ('Wind'): Transience, Time, and Indifference: 5. Cosmic patterns of return and renewal; 6. The catalogue of human times (3:1-8); Part III. The Hebel of 'Dis-aster': Totalities, Transcendence, and Crossover Concepts: 7. Totalities and the outside (dehors); 8. Living 'under the sun' and with transience; 9. Breath of breaths: Qohelet's motto and theme and refrain: a Levinassian exegesis; Part IV. The Hebel of Words: 10. Nothing remains (1:3)? Nothing new (1:9; 12:8-12); Part V. Theological Conclusions: 11. Qohelet's very final words: a judging God, or judging God (12:13-14); 12. Qohelet's very first words: testifying against God and his 'evil' (1:13); 13. The 'all' of humans: fear God but also keep the Commandments (12:13); Conclusions: singing in truth; Appendix: further notes and topics on breath research.
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