Bible on the Shakespearean Stage

Bible on the Shakespearean Stage

Cultures of Interpretation in Reformation England

Fulton, Thomas; Poole, Kristen

Cambridge University Press






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Introduction: 'popular hermeneutics in Shakespeare's London' Thomas Fulton and Kristen Poole; Part I. Europe, England: Contextualising Shakespeare's Bible: 1. The Bible in transition in the age of Shakespeare: a European perspective Bruce Gordon; 2. The trouble with translation: paratexts and England's bestselling New Testament Aaron T. Pratt; Part II. Stagings: Reformation Reading Practices in the Theater: 3. John 6, Measure for Measure, and the complexities of the literal sense Jay Zysk; 4. Words of diverse significations: Hamlet's puns, amphibology, and allegorical hermeneutics Kristen Poole; 5. England's Jerusalem in Shakespeare's Henriad Beatrice Groves; 6. Discontented harmonies: words against words in Pomfret Castle Tom Bishop; Part III. Interplay: Biblican Forms and Other Genres: 7. Titus Andronicus and the rhetoric of lamentation Adrian Streete; 8. The acts of Pericles: Shakespeare's biblical romance Hannibal Hamlin; 9. Finding Pygmalion in the Bible: notes on the unity of The Winter's Tale Richard Strier; Part IV. Enactment: Hermeneutics and the Social: 10. Shylock in the lion's den: enacting exegesis in Merchant of Venice Shaina Trapedo; 11. Maimed rites and whirling words in Hamlet Jesse M. Lander; 12. Political theology on the pulpit and the Shakespearean stage Thomas Fulton; Afterword Julia Reinhard Lupton.
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