Biafran War and Postcolonial Humanitarianism

Biafran War and Postcolonial Humanitarianism

Spectacles of Suffering

Cambridge University Press






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Part I. The Emergences of Biafra: 1. The end of empire and the coming of postcolonial conflict; 2. The Biafran campaign for self-determination in a postcolonial world of states; 3. The transnational internationalization of the Biafran campaign; Part II. Biafra on a Global Stage: 4. Creating 'Biafra': the discovery of a civil war as humanitarian crisis; 5. 'Biafran Babies': humanitarian visions of postcolonial disaster; 6. Auschwitz in Africa? Biafra, Holocaust memory, and the language of rights; 7. Distant suffering and close concerns: Biafra and the Third World in the global Sixties; Part III. The Ends and Afterlives of Biafra: 8. Biafra, the internationalism of states and the question of genocide; 9. The end of Biafra, the end of the lobby; 10. The afterlives of Biafra.
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