Beijing Consensus?

Beijing Consensus?

How China Has Changed Western Ideas of Law and Economic Development

Chen, Weitseng

Cambridge University Press






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Introduction: debating the consensuses Weitseng Chen; Part I. Deconstructing the Beijing Consensus: 1. Dialogus de Beijing Michael W. Dowdle and Mariana Mota Prado; 2. Imagining China: Brazil, labor and the limits of an anti-model Jedidiah Kroncke; 3. The Beijing consensus and possible lessons from the 'Singapore Model'? Tan Cheng-Han; Part II. Examining the Beijing Consensus in Context: 4. The legal maladies of 'federalism, Chinese-style' Wei Cui; 5. Lessons from Chinese growth: re-thinking the role of property rights in development Frank K. Upham; 6. Size matters? Renminbi internationalization and the Beijing consensus Weitseng Chen; 7. A Chinese model for tax reforms in developing countries? Ji Li; 8. The Chinese model for securities law Yingmao Tang; Part III. Revisiting the Beijing Consensus: 9. Authoritarian justice in China: is there a 'Chinese Model'? Benjamin L. Liebman; 10. China's striking anti-corruption adventure: a political journey towards the rule of law? Hualing Fu; 11. Chinese corporate capitalism in comparative context Curtis J. Milhaupt.
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