Beginnings of Islamic Law

Beginnings of Islamic Law

Late Antique Islamicate Legal Traditions

Salaymeh, Lena (Tel-Aviv University)

Cambridge University Press






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This is a major and innovative contribution to our understanding of the historical unfolding of Islamic law. Scrutinizing its historical contexts, Salaymeh proposes that Islamic law is a continuous intermingling of innovation and tradition. The book's interdisciplinary approach provides accessible explanations and translations of complex materials and ideas.
Introduction: genealogies of Islamic law; 1. Legal-historical beginnings - outlining late antique Islamic law; 2. Legal historiography - a case study in international law; 3. Legal-historical hybridity - tracing Islam in its Islamicate context; 4. Legal custom - a case study in ritual law; 5. Legal historicizing: moments in macro-histories; 6. Legal comparisons - a case study in family law; Conclusion.
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