A Literary History

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Part I. Get Hip, My Soul: How It All Started (1944-1948): 1. The wild outre gang of Columbia campus: the beginnings of a movement; 2. Write for them about them personally: the Beats and avant-garde literary networks at midcentury; Part II. Underground to Literary Celebrity (1948-1957): 3. Hipsters in the zoo: how the Beats came up from the underground; 4. The rise of the Beat novel: factualism to spontaneity; 5. The rise of Beat poetry: raw experience meets raw language; Part III. The Beatnik Era and the Profusion of Beat Literature (1958-1962): 6. The establishment strikes back: Beat becomes Beatnik; 7. Little magazines and subterranean networks; 8. The opening of the field; 9. Revisions of the real; 10. Ignus: from the Beat Hotel to Pull My Daisy; Part IV. Beat Politics (1962-1969): 11. The women who said something; 12. Liberating language; 13. The Vietnam effect; Coda.