Beatles in Context

Beatles in Context

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Part I. Beatle People and Beatle Places: 1. Britain at mid-century and the rise of The Beatles Jude Southerland Kessler; 2. The Beatles in Liverpool David Bedford; 3. The Beatles on the Reeperbahn Spencer Leigh; 4. Brian Epstein, Beatlemania's architect Kenneth Womack; 5. Love, love, love: tracing the contours of Tthe Beatles' inner circle Kenneth L. Campbell; Part II. The Beatles in Performance: 6. The love there that's sleeping: guitars of the early Beatles Walter Everett; 7. From dance hall days to stadium tours Chuck Gunderson; 8. Beatlemania! Melissa Davis; 9. The end of the road David Venturo; Part III. The Beatles on TV, Film, and the Internet: 10. From Juke-Box Jury to The Ed Sullivan Show Al Sussman; 11. Projecting the visuality of The Beatles: 'A Hard Day's Night' and 'Help!' David Melbye; 12. Beatletoons: moxie, music, and the media Mitchell Axelrod; 13. Documentary, rockumentary: 'Let It Be' and the rooftop concert Steve Matteo; 14. The Beatles redux: the Anthology series and the video age Walter J. Podrazik; 15. Pop goes the internet Allison J. Boron; Part IV. The Beatles' Sound: 16. Abbey Road Studios Brian Southall; 17. Producing sound pictures with Sir George Martin Kenneth Womack; 18. Rock and Roll music!: The Beatles and the rise of the Merseybeat Anthony Robustelli; 19. Positively Bob Dylan: The Beatles and the folk movement Kit O'Toole; 20. Listen to the colour of your dreams: The Beatles Writ Psychedelic Jason Kruppa; 21. Getting back Robert Rodriguez; 22. On the record!: (Dis)covering The Beatles Jerry Zolten; Part V. The Beatles as Sociocultural and Political Touchstones: 23. The Beatles, fashion, and cultural iconography Katie Kapurch; 24. The rise of celebrity culture and fanship with The Beatles in the 1960s Jeffrey Roessner; 25. Psychedelia, 'swinging London,' and the Summer of Love Kathryn Cox; 26. Leaving the West behind: The Beatles and India Steve Hamelman; Part VI. The Beatles' Critical Reception and Cultural Legacy: 27. Phantom band: The Beatles after the Beatles Jacqueline Edmondson; 28. The Beatles, Apple, and the business of music publishing Stuart Rosenberg; 29. Rebooting Beatlemania in the digital age Joe Rapolla; 30. The Beatles in the new millennium Michael Frontani.
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