Bail Book

Bail Book

A Comprehensive Look at Bail in America's Criminal Justice System

Baradaran Baughman, Shima

Cambridge University Press






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Examines the causes for mass incarceration of Americans and calls for the reform of the bail system. Traces the history of bail, how it has come to be an oppressive tool of the courts, and makes recommendations for reforming the bail system and alleviating the mass incarceration problem.
Introduction; 1. History of bail in America; 2. Bail as a constitutional right; 3. The bail process: how pretrial operates and the types of release before trial; 4. Bail and prediction of crime; 5. Individual and societal costs of pretrial detention; 6. Race and bail in the criminal justice system; 7. Bail and the Sixth Amendment rights to counsel and jury trial; 8. Pretrial detention and terrorism in post-9/11 America; 9. International bail; 10. Money bail; 11. Optimal bail: using constitutional and empirical tools to reform America's bail system; Appendix 1; Appendix 2.
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