BRICS-Lawyers' Guide to Global Cooperation

BRICS-Lawyers' Guide to Global Cooperation

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Introduction; 1. The enantiosis of BRICS: BRICS la[w]yers and the difference that they can make; 2. Diversity and intra-BRICS trade: patterns, risks and potential; 3. Defending trade multilateralism: the BRICS countries in the World Trade Organization's Dispute Settlement Mechanism; 4. The BRICS investment framework: catching up with trade; 5. China-Africa and the BRICS: an insight into the development cooperation and investment policies; 6. Global fragmentation of competition law and BRICS: adaptation or transformation?; 7. Intellectual property negotiations, the BRICS factor and the changing North-South debate; 8. BRICS in the emerging energy trade debate; 9. The BRICS bank: on the edge of international economic law and the new challenges of twenty-first-century capitalism; 10. The political economy challenges of financial regulation in BRICS economies: a case study of capital markets regulation in India; 11. Contract law in the BRICS countries: a comparative approach; 12. Consumer protection law in BRICS and their future cooperation; 13. A dispute resolution centre for the BRICS?; 14. Legal and policy aspects of space cooperation in the BRICS region: inventory, challenges and opportunities; 15. For a BRICS agenda on culture and the creative economy; 16. Making lawyers in BRICS: histories, challenges, and strategies for legal education reform.
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