Art and Archaeology of the Aegean Bronze Age

Art and Archaeology of the Aegean Bronze Age

A History


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Part I. Aegean Neolithic Art: 1. Artefacts and Contexts; 2. Architectural beginnings; 3. Pottery; 4. Figurines and models; 5. Other arts: ornaments, seals, and stone vases; Part II. The Art of the Aegean Early Bronze Age: 6. Artefacts and Contexts; 7. Architecture; 8. Early Bronze Age Aegean glyptic; 9. Sculpture; 10. Stone vases, metalware, miscellaneous; 11. EBA pottery in the Aegean; Part III. Aegean Art in the Cretan First Palace Period: 12. Artworks in context: the historical framework; 13. Minoan architecture in the First Palace Period; 14. Minoan glyptic in the Protopalatial period; 15. Other Minoan relief arts: stone vases, jewelry, minor arts; 16. Artworks in the round; 17. Minoan pottery; 18. Mainland Greece and the islands in the First Palace Period; Part IV. Aegean Art in the Second Palace Period: Crete and the Aegean Islands: 19. Artworks in context : the historical framework; 20. Aegean architecture in the Second Palace period; 21. Aegean wall painting; 22. Minoan glyptic; 23. Artworks in the round: figures, figurines, and zoomorphic vases; 24. Other artworks (stone, faience, ivory, metal; textile); 25. Pottery production; Part V. Aegean Art in the Cretan Second Palace Period: Mainland Greece: 26. Artworks in context: the historical framework; 27. Funerary architecture; 28. Metalwork; 29. Creto-Mycenaean glyptic; 30. Other Mycenaean relief arts: wood, bone, ivory, stone and faience; 31. Mycenaean pottery of LH I-IIA; 32. General remarks: Aegean art during the Cretan Second Palace period; Part VI. Aegean Art in the Final Palatial Period of Knossos: 33. Artworks in context: the historical framework; 34. Architecture; 35. The frescoes; 36. Metalwork, jewelry and various ornaments; 37. Creto-Mycenaean glyptic in LM II/LH IIB-IIIA1; 38. Other relief arts: ivory and stone; 39. Artworks in the round: figurines and zoomorphic vessels; 40. LM II/LH II-IIIA1 pottery; Part VII. Aegean Art of the Mainland Mycenaean Palatial Period: 41. Artworks in context: the historical framework; 42. Architecture; 43. Mycenaean painting; 44. The end of Aegean glyptic; 45. Mycenaean ivories of LH IIIA2-B; 46. Other relief arts: goldwork, glass, faience, stone; 47. Mycenaean art and 'international art'; Artworks in the round: figurines, figures, anthropomorphic and zoomorphic vases; 49. Pottery production: vases and sarcophagi; Part VIII. Aegean Art at the End of the Bronze Age: 50. Artworks in context: the historical framework; 51. Architecture at the end of the Bronze Age; 52. Figures, figurines, anthropomorphic and zoomorphic vases; 53. Jewelry and metalwork; 54. Pictorial art and vase painting; 55. Mycenaean art and its legacy; Afterword. Aegean art through forgers' eyes; 56. Fakes and dubitanda.
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