Arabian Nights in Contemporary World Cultures

Arabian Nights in Contemporary World Cultures

Global Commodification, Translation, and the Culture Industry

al-Musawi, Muhsin J.

Cambridge University Press






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Introduction: the stunning growth of a constellation; 1. The Arabian Nights: a European legacy?; 2. The Scheherazade factor; 3. Engagements in narrative; 4. The 'hostile dynasty': rewriting the Arabian Nights; 5. The archaeology of A Thousand and One Nights; 6. Signatures and affiliates; 7. Decolonizing the Arabian Nights?; 8. Invitation to discourse; Bibliography; Appendix A. Editions worldwide; Appendix B. Selections from a comparative study between Grub Street translation of Galland (reprinted in Novelist magazine), and Haddawy's translation of Muhsin Mahdi's edition of Galland's original Arabic manuscript of Galland.
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