Amorites and the Bronze Age Near East

Amorites and the Bronze Age Near East

The Making of a Regional Identity

Cambridge University Press






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1. Introduction: Amorites, their legacy, and the study of identity; 2. Communities at the margins: the origins of Amorite identity, 2500-2200 B.C.; 3. Beyond pastoralism: diaspora and opportunity, 2200-2000 B.C.; 4. Mercenaries and merchants: networks of political and economic power, 2000-1800 B.C.; 5. Competition and emulation: the Amorite Koine from Dilmun to Avaris, 1800-1500 B.C. 6. Conclusion: Amorite identity in the long duree.
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4.2 ka BP event; agropastoralism; Akkadian Period; Amorites; Anatolia; Ancient History; ancient Near East; Archaeology; aridification; Asia; Southwest; Canaan; climate change; climate refugees; competitive emulation; cultural adaptation; Diaspora studies; Early Bronze Age; economic power; Egypt; ethnicity; ethnogenesis; First Intermediate Period Egypt; identity; identity negotiation; kingship; koine culture; legitimation; Levant; mercenaries; soldiers; merchants; Mesopotamia; Middle Bronze Age; migration; pastoralism; Refugees and refugee studies; social identity; social power; trade; Ur III Period; warfare