Afterlives of Eighteenth-Century Fiction

Afterlives of Eighteenth-Century Fiction

Seager, Nicholas; Cook, Daniel

Cambridge University Press






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Introduction; 1. On authorship, appropriation, and eighteenth-century fiction Daniel Cook; 2. The afterlife of family romance Michael McKeon; 3. From Picaro to Pirate: afterlives of the Picaresque in early eighteenth-century fiction Leah Orr; 4. Ghosts of the guardian in Sir Charles Grandison and Bleak House Sarah Raff; 5. The novel's afterlife in the newspaper, 1712-50 Nicholas Seager; 6. Wit and humour for the heart of sensibility: the beauties of Fielding and Sterne M.-C. Newbould; 7. The spectral iamb: the poetic afterlife of the late eighteenth-century novel Dahlia Porter; 8. Rethinking fictionality in the eighteenth-century puppet theatre David A. Brewer; 9. The novel in musical theatre: Pamela, Caleb Williams, Frankenstein and Ivanhoe Michael Burden; 10. Gillray's Gulliver and the 1803 invasion scare David Francis Taylor; 11. Defoe's cultural afterlife, mainly on screen Robert Mayer; 12. Happiness in Austen's Sense and Sensibility and its afterlife in film Jill Heydt-Stevenson; 13. Refashioning The History of England: Jane Austen and 1066 and All That Peter Sabor; Select bibliography.
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