Textbook of Disaster Psychiatry

Textbook of Disaster Psychiatry

Raphael, Beverley; Weisaeth, Lars; Fullerton, Carol S.; Ursano, Robert J.

Cambridge University Press






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Part I. Introduction: 1. Individual and community responses to disasters Robert J. Ursano, Carol S. Fullerton, Lars Weisaeth and Beverley Raphael; Part II. Foundations of Disaster Psychiatry: 2. Epidemiology of disaster mental health: the foundation for disaster mental health Carol S. North; 3. Disaster ecology James M. Shultz, Sandro Galea, Zelde Espinel and Dori B. Reissman; 4. Neurobiology of disaster exposure: fear, anxiety, trauma, and resilience Lynnette A. Averill, Rebecca P. Smith, Craig L. Katz, Dennis S. Charney and Steven M. Southwick; 5. Trajectories of health, resilience, and illness Spruha Joshi and Magdalena Cerda; Part III. Clinical Care and Interventions: 6. Early interventions for trauma-related problems Patricia J. Watson; 7. Acute stress disorder and posttraumatic stress disorder David M. Benedek and Gary H. Wynn; 8. Psychiatric aspects of medical-surgical disaster care Phebe Tucker and Ruchi Aggarwal; 9. Collaborative care interventions for acutely injured survivors of individual and mass trauma Kirsten Sandgren, Ella Jarvik, Doyanne Darnell and Douglas Zatzick; Part IV. Special Topics: 10. International disaster response Virginia Murray, Richard Williams and Sarb Johal; 11. Risk communication in disasters: promoting resilience Daniel Dodgen, William Herbert and Rachel Kaul; 12. The unintended consequences of disaster-related media coverage Pauline Lubens and E. Alison Holman; 13. Terrorism: mass disruption and killing Joshua C. Morganstein, Robert J. Ursano, Carol S. Fullerton and Harry C. Holloway; 14. Children and families responding to disaster and bereavement Gloria J. L. Whaley, William L. Cohen and Stephen J. Cozza; 15. Disaster workers: exposure to mass and traumatic death James E. McCarroll and Quinn Biggs; 16. Health care planning for community disaster care Richard Williams, Jonathan I. Bisson and Verity Kemp; 17. Workplace and organizational disasters: response and planning Lars Weisaeth and Trond Heir; 18. Pandemics: health care emergencies Joshua C. Morganstein, Carol S. Fullerton, Robert J. Ursano, Darrin Donato and Harry C. Holloway; 19. Leadership in disasters Brian W. Flynn, Prudence Bushnell and Nicole Lurie; 20. Nuclear disaster response Jun Shigemura, Nahoko Harada, Masaaki Tanichi, Masanori Nagamine, Kunio Shimizu and Aihide Yoshino; 21. Ethical issues in disaster psychiatry Edmund G. Howe and Elana Newman; Part V. Public Health and Disaster Psychiatry: 22. Public health and disaster mental health: preparing, responding, and recovering Carol S. Fullerton, Robert J. Ursano, Lars Weisaeth and Beverley Raphael; Index.
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