Teaching the Arts

Teaching the Arts

Early Childhood and Primary Education

Hamilton, Amy (University of Tasmania); Roy, David; Baker, William (University of Newcastle New South Wales)

Cambridge University Press



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Teaching the Arts foregrounds the importance of arts education to children's development and learning while connecting each arts area to the Australian Curriculum. This book is a vital resource for all pre-service early childhood and primary teachers, emphasising the fundamental nature of the arts in schools.
Part I. Why: The Arts in Education and Society: 1. A vision for the arts in education; 2. Why the arts are fundamental; 3. The arts and cross-curriculum priorities; Part II. What: The Arts Learning Areas: 4. Learning in dance; 5. Learning in drama; 6. Learning in media arts; 7. Learning in music; 8. Learning in visual arts; Part III. How: Embedding the Arts in Education: 9. Integration and general capabilities; 10. Organisation; 11. Diverse learners, pedagogy and the arts; 12. Quality arts education and rich learning.
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