Teaching Computational Creativity

Teaching Computational Creativity

Filimowicz, Michael; Tzankova, Veronika

Cambridge University Press






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Introduction. Pedagogies at the intersection of disciplines Veronika Tzankova and Michael Filimowicz; Part I. New Foundations: 1. Staying current: developing digital literacies for the creative classroom Ryan M. Patton and Luke Meeken; 2. Teaching interactivity: introducing computation to art/design students Andrew Hieronymi; Part II. Code as Medium: 3. ARRAY[ ]: coding slowly Channel Two; 4. Teaching for the design singularity: toward an entirely code-based design curriculum Brad Tober; Part III. Physical{ly} Computing: 5. A physical computing teaching initiative in Brazil Luiza Novaes and Joao de Sa Bonelli; 6. Art and technology collaboration in interactive dance performance Jinsil Hwaryoung Seo and Christine Bergeron; Part IV. Online Learning: 7. Design scenes of online code learning environments Michael Filimowicz; 8. Between code and culture: developing a creative coding MOOC Mark Guglielmetti and Jon McCormack; Part V. Critical Pedagogy: 9. Process and outcome paradigms in media arts pedagogy Nancy E. Paterson; 10. Citizens of the cognisphere Daniel Sauter; Part IV. Transdisciplinary: 11. From growing tools to designing organisms: changing the literacies of design Orkan Telhan; 12. Pedagogical experiments in creative coding Angus G. Forbes.
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