Teaching Chinese as an International Language

Teaching Chinese as an International Language

A Singapore Perspective

Cambridge University Press






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1. The spread of Chinese as a global language; 2. Mandarin Chinese as spoken in mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore: a comparison; 3. Hard truths about Chinese language policy and planning in Singapore; 4. A sociolinguistic profile of Chinese language student-teachers in Singapore; 5. Who are we? The China complex of Chinese in Singapore; 6. The use of English in the teaching of Chinese: making the most of the learner's linguistic resources; 7. The teaching of Chinese by non-native teachers: experience and implications; 8. ICT in L2 learning and teaching: design and development of bilingual digital instructional materials; 9. Internet Plus and TCIL: a progressive Chinese pronunciation programme; 10. From bilingual to monolingual: a new business Chinese test for the progressive testing of receptive skills; 11. The four language skills and the compilation of Chinese learner's dictionaries: an integrative approach; 12. The bilingual hybrid teacher model for teaching Chinese as an international language; 13. The master of arts in teaching Chinese as an international language; 14. The making of the translation service industry in Singapore; Epilogue.
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