Systemic Earthquake and the Struggle for World Order

Systemic Earthquake and the Struggle for World Order

Exclusive Populism versus Inclusive Democracy

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Introduction. Conceptual and methodological framework; Part I. Systemic Earthquake: Analysis and Consequences of World (Dis)order: 1. Traditional, modern and global 'world orders': a historical perspective; 2. The roots of world (dis)order: geopolitical, security, economic and structural earthquakes in the post-Cold War era; 3. Systemic earthquake: fragile national, regional and global structures; 4. Systemic earthquake: global powers and the 'multiple balance of powers' system; Part II. A New Vision: Inclusive Governance: 5. Future projections and basic principles of a new order of inclusive governance: the 5 I's; 6. Inclusive national governance: from survival to sustainability; 7. Inclusive regional governance: from regional cold wars to regional orders; 8. Inclusive global governance: a new paradigm of global order.