Swift in Print

Swift in Print

Published Texts in Dublin and London, 1691-1765

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Part I. Beginnings: 1. First Impressions: Dublin and London to 1699; Part II. London: 2. The Shock of the Normal: From Temple to the Tale (1693-1705); 3. Material Voices: the Bickerstaff Effect (1705-1710); 4. Politics and Permanence: Miscellanies, Politics and a Proposal Declined (1710-1714); Part III. Dublin: 5. The Irish Patriot in Print (1720-1725); 6. Delegating in London, Recouping in Dublin: Travels, Miscellanies, the Intelligencer and A Modest Proposal (1726-1729); 7. The Works of J. S, D. D, D. S. P. D. (1731-1735); Part IV. Into the Future: 8. Ending and Going on (1736-1765).
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Jonathan Swift; material text; London print trade; Dublin print trade; book formats; authorship; copyright; anonymity