Treaty Implementation for Sustainable Development

Treaty Implementation for Sustainable Development

Ahmad, Md. Tanveer (McGill University, Montreal); de Mestral, Armand L.C. (McGill University, Montreal); Fitzgerald, P. Paul (McGill University, Montreal)

Cambridge University Press






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The international community has succeeded in developing rules to limit greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere from international civil aviation. This book examines the development of international law and policy in an area that has remained largely outside the general framework of international environmental law.
Introduction: sustainable development, international aviation, and treaty implementation Armand L. C. de Mestral, P. Paul Fitzgerald and Md. Tanveer Ahmad; Part I. Current Status of Global Aviation and Sustainable Development: 1. Technology developments and renewable fuels for sustainable aviation David W. Zingg and OEmer L. Gulder; 2. Global civil aviation emissions standards - from noise to greener fuels Md. Tanveer Ahmad; 3. Sustainable flight management and aviation P. Paul Fitzgerald and Md. Tanveer Ahmad; 4. Environmental sustainability measures for airports Maha Mousavi Sameh and Julianna Scavuzzi; Part II. Regional Aviation Issues: 5. Sustainable development and emission trading I - the EU perspective Markus W. Gehring and Cairo Robb; 6. Sustainable development, aviation and open skies: exporting environmental values through open skies: the case of the European Union Kuan-Wei Chen; 7. Aviation and sustainable development: some perspectives from the Asia-Pacific Jae Woon Lee, Benoit Mayer and Joseph Wheeler; 8. Sustainable aviation and the transfer of environmentally sound technologies to Africa: paradoxes, barriers, and prospects Damilola S. Olawuyi; 9. Sustainable tourism and the impact of climate change on the Caribbean Nicole Gonzales; Part III. Dispute Settlement: 10. Settlement of disputes at ICAO and sustainable development Armand L. C. de Mestral; 11. International civil aviation and sustainable development: the application of WTO law Emilie Conway and Armand L. C. de Mestral; Part IV. Future Directions: 12. Getting to global cooperation: ICAO and climate change Alejandro Piera; 13. Seeking global environmental harmony in aviation P. Paul Fitzgerald; 14. Inspirations from sustainable maritime development Jeffrey J. Smith; 15. Corporate social responsibility in the aviation industry P. Paul Fitzgerald and Rene David-Cooper; Conclusion: reflections on ICAO, sovereignty, and supra-state governance Brian F. Havel.
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