Sustainable Development, International Aviation, and Treaty Implementation

Sustainable Development, International Aviation, and Treaty Implementation

Ahmad, Md. Tanveer (McGill University, Montreal); de Mestral, Armand L.C. (McGill University, Montreal); Fitzgerald, P. Paul (McGill University, Montreal)

Cambridge University Press






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International civil aviation is a significant polluter of the atmosphere. In this volume, a group of air law and sustainable development law specialists considers how the international community can respond.
Introduction: sustainable development, international aviation, and treaty implementation Armand L. C. de Mestral, P. Paul Fitzgerald and Md. Tanveer Ahmad; Part I. Current Status of Global Aviation and Sustainable Development: 1. Technology developments and renewable fuels for sustainable aviation David W. Zingg and OEmer L. Gulder; 2. Global civil aviation emissions standards - from noise to greener fuels Md. Tanveer Ahmad; 3. Sustainable flight management and aviation P. Paul Fitzgerald and Md. Tanveer Ahmad; 4. Environmental sustainability measures for airports Maha Mousavi Sameh and Julianna Scavuzzi; Part II. Regional Aviation Issues: 5. Sustainable development and emission trading I - the EU perspective Markus W. Gehring and Cairo Robb; 6. Sustainable development, aviation and open skies: exporting environmental values through open skies: the case of the European Union Kuan-Wei Chen; 7. Aviation and sustainable development: some perspectives from the Asia-Pacific Jae Woon Lee, Benoit Mayer and Joseph Wheeler; 8. Sustainable aviation and the transfer of environmentally sound technologies to Africa: paradoxes, barriers, and prospects Damilola S. Olawuyi; 9. Sustainable tourism and the impact of climate change on the Caribbean Nicole Gonzales; Part III. Dispute Settlement: 10. Settlement of disputes at ICAO and sustainable development Armand L. C. de Mestral; 11. International civil aviation and sustainable development: the application of WTO law Emilie Conway and Armand L. C. de Mestral; Part IV. Future Directions: 12. Getting to global cooperation: ICAO and climate change Alejandro Piera; 13. Seeking global environmental harmony in aviation P. Paul Fitzgerald; 14. Inspirations from sustainable maritime development Jeffrey J. Smith; 15. Corporate social responsibility in the aviation industry P. Paul Fitzgerald and Rene David-Cooper; Conclusion: reflections on ICAO, sovereignty, and supra-state governance Brian F. Havel.
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