Sustainability of Engineered Rivers In Arid Lands

Sustainability of Engineered Rivers In Arid Lands

Challenge and Response

Schmandt, Jurgen; Buono, Regina; Thomas, Sephra; Kibaroglu, Ayseguel

Cambridge University Press






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Introduction; 1. Introduction: Sustainability of Engineered Rivers in Arid Lands Jurgen Schmandt; Part I. Challenge: 2. Global Climate Change and the Rivers Gerald R. North; 3. Reservoirs: Design, Functions, Challenges George H. Ward; 4. Depletion of Groundwater: the Surface-Groundwater Connection Stephanie Glenn; 5. Endangered Food Security Olcay Unver, Eduardo Mansur and Melvyn Kay; 6. Declining Environmental Flows Stephanie Glenn and R. James Lester; Part II. Engineered Rivers: Past, Present and Future: 7. The Nile River Basin Muhammad Khalifa, Sephra Thomas and Lars Ribbe; 8. The Euphrates-Tigris River Basin Ayseguel Kibaroglu; 9. The Yellow River Basin James E. Nickum and Jia Shaofeng; 10. The Murray-Darling River Basin Daniel Connell; 11. The Sao Francisco River Basin Antonio R. Magalhaes, Eduardo Savio and P. R. Martins; 12. The Limari River Basin Alexandra Nauditt, Justyna Sycz and Lars Ribbe; 13. The Colorado River Basin Douglas S. Kenney, Michael Cohen, John Berggren and Regina M. Buono; 14. The Rio Grande/Rio Bravo River Basin George H. Ward and Jurgen Schmandt; 15. The Jucar River Basin Jose Albiac, M. T. Kahil and Encarna Esteban; Part IV. Response: 16. River Basin Management and Irrigation Francois Molle; 17. 'Intelligent' Water Transfers Eduardo Savio, P. R. Martins, Antonio Magalhaes and James E. Nickum; 18. Better Basin Management with Stakeholder Participation Jurgen Schmandt and Ayseguel Kibaroglu; Part V. Conclusion: 19. Conclusion: What We Found and What We Recommend Ayseguel Kibaroglu, Jurgen Schmandt and George H. Ward; Index.
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