Sustainability Assessment of Urban Systems

Sustainability Assessment of Urban Systems

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Preface; General introduction; Part I. Theoretical Background: 1. Sustainability assessment: introduction and frameworks Pekka Halla and Claudia R. Binder; 2. Systems science and sustainability assessment Claudia R. Binder, Michael Hutter, Melissa Pang and Robert Webb; 3. How values play into sustainability assessments: challenges and a possible way forward Franziska Meinherz, Livia Fritz and Flurina Schneider; 4. The politics of participatory sustainability assessments: an analysis of power Livia Fritz and Franziska Meinherz; 5. A concept for Sustainability Transition Assessment (STA): a dynamic systems perspective informed by resilience thinking Thorsten Schilling, Susan Muhlemeier, Romano Wyss and Claudia R. Binder; Part II. Integrative Approaches for Sustainability Assessment: 6. A mixed-method, dialogue-based approach to sustainability assessments: fostering learning for sustainable development Flurina Schneider; 7. Sustainability assessment: integrative concept, methodology, and examples Volker Stelzer and Jurgen Kopfmuller; 8. Sustainability solution spaces Claudia R. Binder, Marta G. Baldi, Baptiste Gex and Emanuele Massaro; 9. Assessing urban sustainability through Participatory Multi-Criteria Approaches (PMCAs): an updated comparative analysis Albert Merino-Saum; Part III. Perspectives on Urban Sustainability: 10. Conceptualising urban systems for sustainability assessment: four powerful metaphors Pekka Halla, Romano Wyss and Claudia R. Binder; 11. Sustainability issues in urban systems from a metabolic perspective Joao Vitor Meirelles de Miranda, Anna Pagani, Aristide Athanassiadis and Claudia R. Binder; 12. Urban-industrial supply systems: from global challenges to strong urban sustainability Klaus Krumme; 13. Indicators for assessing the sustainability of cities Anne Boesch and Andre de Montmollin; 14. Ontology-based integration of urban sustainability indicators Emanuele Massaro, Aristide Athanassiadis, Achilleas Psyllidis and Claudia R. Binder; Part IV. Focal Points of Urban Sustainability: 15. Energy challenges in urban systems Francois Vuille and Francois Marechal; 16. Sustainability assessment of the housing system: exploring the interplay between the material and social systems Anna Pagani, Rafael Laurenti and Claudia R. Binder; 17. Sustainability assessment of urban agriculture Giuseppe Feola, Marlyne Sahakian and Claudia R. Binder; 18. Cities and entropy: assessing urban sustainability as a problem of coordination of actions Vinicius M. Nett, Joao Meirelles and Fabiano L. Ribeiro; 19. Conceptualising urban systems for ecologic sustainability assessments: case study of the Stockholm Royal Seaport City District Ulf Ranhagen and Bjoern Frostell; 20. A study of ride-sharing opportunities in the City of Santiago de Chile Emanuele Massaro; 21. Mosquito-borne disease and human mobility in urban environments Emanuele Massaro, Damiao Pasetto, Andrea Rinaldo and Claudia R. Binder; Index.
sustainability assessment; urban systems; cities; systems science; theory; integrative methods; energy; housing; mobility; urban agriculture