Supreme Law of the Land?

Supreme Law of the Land?

Debating the Contemporary Effects of Treaties within the United States Legal System

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Introduction Paul R. Dubinsky, Gregory H. Fox and Brad R. Roth; 1. Treaties in US law from the Founding to the Restatement (Third) Mark Janis and Noam Wiener; 2. Treaties and the Third Restatement Gregory H. Fox; 3. Competing models for treaty interpretation: treaty as contract, treaty as statute, treaty as delegation Paul R. Dubinsky; 4. Self-execution Ingrid Wuerth; 5. Treaties, federalisation, and the contested legacy of Missouri v. Holland Margaret McGuinness; 6. Recent trends in US treaty implementation David P. Stewart; 7. The treaty and its rivals: making international agreements in US law and practice Michael D. Ramsey; 8. Judicial barriers to the enforcement of treaties Roger P. Alford; 9. Case study no. 1: exploring US treaty practice through a military lens Geoffrey Corn and Dru Brenner-Beck; 10. Case study no. 2: private law treaties and federalism: can the United States lead? Paul R. Dubinsky; 11. Conclusion Gary B. Born.
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