Supported Decision-Making

Supported Decision-Making

Theory, Research, and Practice to Enhance Self-Determination and Quality of Life

Shogren, Karrie A.; Martinis, Jonathan; Blanck, Peter; Wehmeyer, Michael L.

Cambridge University Press






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Part I. Overview: 1. Introduction to supported decision-making and its emergence in the disability; Part II. Strengths-Based Frameworks for Understanding Disability and Support Needs: 2. Social ecological models of disability; 3. Strengths-based approaches - positive psychology and disability; 4. Causal agency theory - self-determination and disability; Part III. Theory Underpinning Supported Decision-Making: 5. Social-ecological framework for supported decision-making; 6. Decision-making capacity in law and practice; 7. Environmental demands for decision-making; 8. Decision-making skills and support needs for decision-making; Part IV. Applications of a Social-Ecological Framework for Supported Decision-Making: 9. Supported decision-making and self-determination research; 10. Assessment and intervention in supported decision-making; 11. Building systems of supports for supported decision-making; 12. Implications for future theory, research, and practice.