Studying English Literature in Context

Studying English Literature in Context

Critical Readings

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Introduction Paul Poplawski; Section I. Medieval English, 500-1500: 1. Finding the dream of the rood in old English literature Emily V. Thornbury; 2. The translator as author: The case of Geoffrey Chaucer's the Parliament of Fowls Filip Krajnik; 3. Arthurian romance as a window onto medieval life: The Case of Ywayne and Gawayne and The Awntyrs off Arthure K. S. Whetter; Section II: The renaissance, 1485-1660: 4. The renaissance in England: A meeting point Alessandra Petrina; 5. 'Mr Spencer's moral invention': The global horizons of early modern epic Jane Grogan; 6. Arden of Faversham Christa Jansohn; 7. 'A little touch of Harry in the night' - mysteries of kingship and the stage in Shakespeare's the life of king Henry the fifth Ina Habermann; 8. Poems and contexts: The case of Henry Vaughan Robert Wilcher; Section III: The restoration and eighteenth century, 1660-1780: 9. Periodising in context: The case of the restoration and eighteenth Century Lee Morrissey; 10. Truth-telling and the representation of the Surinam 'Indians' in Aphra Behn's Oroonoko Oddvar Holmesland; 11. 'The pamphlet on the table': The life and adventures of sir Launcelot Greaves Richard J. Jones; Section IV: The romantic period, 1780-1832: 12. 'Transported into asiatic scenes': Romanticism and the orient Daniel Sanjiv Roberts; 13. Historical fiction in the romantic period: Jane Porter, Walter Scott and the sublime hero Fiona Price; 14. Jane Austen and her publishers: Northanger Abbey and the publishing context of the early nineteenth century Katie Halsey; 15. 'O for a life of sensations' or 'the internal and external parts': Keats and medical materialism Paul Wright; Section V: The victorian age, 1832-1901: 16. Poetry and science in the victorian period Jordan Kistler; 17. 'In characters of tint indelible': Life writing and legacy in Charlotte Bronte's Villette Maria Frawley; 18. Money, narrative and representation from Dickens to Gissing Ben Moore; 19. Reading and remediating nineteenth-century serial fiction: Closing down and opening up Sheridan Le Fanu's Carmilla Fionnuala Dillane; 20. Public places, private spaces in Fin de Siecle British women's writing Sue Asbee; Section VI: The Twentieth Century, 1901-1939: 21. D. H. Lawrence's women in Love: An anthropological reading Stefania Michelucci; 22. The epigraph for T. S. Eliot's Marina: Classical tradition and the modern era Anna Budziak; 23. Passing as a male critic: Mary Beton's coming of age in Virginia Woolf's a room of one's own Judith Paltin; Section VII: The twentieth and twenty-first centuries, 1939-2020: 24. An ecocritical reading of the poetry of Ted Hughes Terry Gifford; 25. Women publishers in the twenty-first century: Assessing their impact on new writing - and writers Catherine Riley; 26. Crisis and community in contemporary British theatre Clare Wallace; Section VIII: Postcolonial literature in english: 27. Complexities and concealments of eros in the African novel: Chinua Achebe's things fall apart F. Fiona Moolla; 28. Bessie Head's feminism of everyday life Loretta Stec; 29. The gender politics of Grace Nichols: Joy and resistance Izabel F. O. Brandao; 30. 'The all-purpose quote': Salman Rushdie's meta-contextuality Joel Kuortti; 31. Postcolonial literature and the world, 2017-2019: Contemporary complexities Ulla Rahbek; Appendices; Appendix A: Glossary of critical terms; Appendix B: Study guide: Learning from the essays; Appendix C: Essays listed by genre and theme; Index.
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