Studies in the Social and Cultural History of Modern Warfare

Studies in the Social and Cultural History of Modern Warfare

Murphy, Mahon (Kyoto University, Japan)

Cambridge University Press






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This study fills a vital gap in our knowledge of internment of German citizens in African and Asian colonies during the First World War, allowing a deeper understanding of the global reach of the conflict. It explores the implications for the collapse of empires during the twentieth century.
List of maps; Acknowledgements; Abbreviations; Introduction; Part I. Empire, Internment and the First World War: 1. Internment in the First World War and the global context; 2. The geography of internment; Part II. The Experience of Internment: 3. Rum, solitary and the lash: violence against prisoners of war; 4. Der Krieg ist kein afternoon tea! Identity and internment; 5. The propaganda of internment: presenting the colonial conflict to Europe; Part III. Global Connections: 6. The British Empire and the global internment system; 7. The end of German colonial rule: repatriation; Conclusion; Bibliography.
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