War Veterans and Fascism in Interwar Europe

War Veterans and Fascism in Interwar Europe

Alcalde, Angel

Cambridge University Press






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Were the Great War veterans, millions of men with war experience, including Hitler and Mussolini themselves, a crucial factor in the rise of fascism in interwar Europe? Many historians have debated this fascinating question, but Angel Alcalde now offers a new and highly illuminating explanation from an innovative transnational perspective.
Introduction; Part I. Fascism and Veterans after the Great War: 1. The Great War veterans and the origins of fascism, 1914-1919; 2. War veterans and the rise of Italian Fascism, 1920-2; Part II. Fascism and Veterans during the 1920s: 3. Veterans under fascist rule, 1923-5; 4. Veterans and fascism: consolidation and European expansion, 1925-9; Part III. Fascism and Veterans during the 1930s: 5. Transnational fascism and veterans, 1929-35; 6. Veterans between fascism and anti-fascism, war and peace, 1936-40; Conclusion.
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