Studies in North American Indian History

Studies in North American Indian History

Vigil, Kiara M. (Amherst College, Massachusetts)

Cambridge University Press






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From the 1880s and into the 1930s, Native people participated in debates regarding how to determine and define the boundaries of Indian ethnic identity and tribal citizenship. Indigenous Intellectuals traces the narrative discourses created by four influential American Indian intellectuals and discussions about citizenship, race, and modernity in the United States.
Introduction: a red man's rebuke; 1. A global mission: the higher education of Charles Eastman; 2. Tracing Carlos Montezuma's politics: progressive reform and epistolary culture networks; 3. Red Bird: Gertrude Bonnin's representational politics; 4. Staging US Indian history with Reel Indians: Luther Standing Bear, performativity, and cultural politics; Conclusion: the 1930s, Indian reorganization, and beyond; Afterword.
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