Financial Systems and Economic Growth

Financial Systems and Economic Growth

Credit, Crises, and Regulation from the 19th Century to the Present

Rousseau, Peter L. (Vanderbilt University, Tennessee); Wachtel, Paul

Cambridge University Press






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This book examines the finance-growth nexus from historical and modern perspectives. It will be of interest to academics interested in economic and financial history as well as those interested in the recent financial crisis and its historical antecedents.
Introduction Peter L. Rousseau and Paul Wachtel; 1. Growing up to stability? Financial globalization, financial development, and financial crises Michael D. Bordo and Christopher M. Meissner; 2. Episodes of financial deepening: credit booms or growth generators? Peter L. Rousseau and Paul Wachtel; 3. Financing US economic growth, 1790-1860: corporations, markets, and the real economy Robert E. Wright; 4. Banks and democracy John Joseph Wallis; 5. Finance, economic growth, and globalization in the era of the Cold War Niall Ferguson; 6. Anatomy of a regime change: underwriters' reputation, New Deal financial acts and the collapse of international capital markets, 1920-35 Marc Flandreau; 7. Protecting financial stability in the aftermath of World War I: the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta's dissenting policy Eugene N. White; 8. Rediscovering macro-prudential regulation: the national banking era from the perspective of 2015 Charles W. Calomiris and Mark Carlson.
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