Studies in Expansive Learning

Studies in Expansive Learning

Learning What Is Not Yet There

Engestroem, Yrjoe

Cambridge University Press






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1. Introduction - learning sciences at the threshold of expansion; 2. Whatever happened to process theories of learning?; 3. Studies of expansive learning - foundations, findings and future challenges; 4. Enriching the theory of expansive learning - lessons from journeys toward co-configuration; 5. From learning environments and implementation to activity systems and expansive learning; 6. Process enhancement versus community building - transcending the dichotomy through expansive learning; 7. Expansive learning in a library - actions, cycles and deviations from instructional intentions; 8. Beyond discontinuity - expansive organizational learning remembered; 9. Wildfire activities - new patterns of mobility and learning; 10. From design experiments to formative interventions; References; Index.
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