Studies in English Language

Studies in English Language

Ruhlemann, Christoph

Cambridge University Press






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Storytelling is a fundamental mode of everyday interaction. Based on new data and cutting-edge technologies, this groundbreaking book makes use of a specialized corpus of naturally occurring narratives to facilitate large-scale quantitative investigations, and offer new insights, into how narrators and recipients cooperate when telling stories.
Introduction; 1. Towards a working definition of conversational narrative; 2. Data, methodology, and tools; 3. How do narrators and recipients co-construct turntaking?; 4. Recipient design I: how do narrators mark discourse presentation?; 5. Recipient design II: how do narrators use discourse presentation for dramatization?; 6. How do recipients co-author stories?; 7. Summary, conclusions and directions for future research; Appendix 1; Appendix 2; Appendix 3.
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