Studies in English Language

Studies in English Language

Wallage, Phillip W. (Northumbria University, Newcastle)

Cambridge University Press






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A thorough overview and novel analysis of changes to negation, integrating insights and methods from several subfields of linguistics. This book uses statistical techniques and linguistic corpora to track language change. It will be ideal reading for researchers and graduate students in linguistics and the history of English.
1. Introduction; 2. Quantitative evidence for a model of the Jespersen Cycle in Middle English; 3. Distributional evidence for two types of ne: redundant negation; 4. Distributional evidence for different types of 'not'; 5. The syntax of early English Jespersen Cycle: a morphosyntactic feature-based account; 6. The role of functional change in the Jespersen Cycle; 7. Negative concord in Early English; 8. Negative inversion: evidence for a quantifier cycle in early English; 9. The loss of negative concord: interaction between the quantifier cycle and the Jespersen Cycle; 10. Conclusion.
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