Studies in English Language

Studies in English Language

Eddy, Anna A. (University of Michigan, Flint); Proshina, Zoya G. (Moscow State University)

Cambridge University Press






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This book explores the role of Russian English in the domains of politics, business, education, mass media, advertisement, tourism, youth subcultures and literature. With a fascinating focus on the role of language in attitudes and identity, Russian English will appeal to students and researchers across a wide range of fields.
Introduction; Part I. Russian English as a Variety: 1. Russian and English contact: past and present Anna A. Eddy and Zoya G. Proshina; 2. Russian English in the family of World Englishes Zoya G. Proshina; 3. Russian English linguaculture Zoya G. Proshina, Alexandra Rivlina, Svetlana Ter-Minasova, Elena Beloglazova and Victor Kabakchi; 4. Linguistic features of Russian English Victoria Zavyalova, Zoya G. Proshina, Anna Ionina, Anna A. Eddy and Tatiana Ivankova; Part II. Domains of English Use in Russia: 5. Politics Tatiana Ivankova and Elena Salakyan; 6. Business Irina Krykova and Olesya Lazaretnaya; 7. Education Galina Lovtsevich; 8. Scholarship Elena Lawrick; 9. Mass media Anna A. Eddy, Tatiana Ivankova and Elena Lawrick; 10. Tourism Olesya Lazaretnaya; 11. Pop culture and social groups Anna A. Eddy; 12. Advertising Irina Ustinova; 13. Literature Evgenia Butenina; Part III. Attitudes of Russian Speakers Toward Russian English: 14. Competition with Russian as an international language Irina Ustinova; 15. Linguistic purism Olesya Lazaretnaya; 16. Resistance to and gain in the World Englishes paradigm Zoya G. Proshina and Irina Ustinova; 17. Awareness of English as a secondary means for self-identity Maria Lebedko; Afterword Zoya G. Proshina.
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