Studies in Emotion and Social Interaction

Studies in Emotion and Social Interaction

Hess, Ursula (Humboldt-Universitat zu Berlin); Fischer, Agneta H. (Universiteit van Amsterdam)

Cambridge University Press






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Emotional mimicry has important social functions such as signalling affiliative intent and fostering rapport, and is considered one of the cornerstones of successful interactions. This multidisciplinary overview of research into emotional mimicry and empathy explores when, how and why emotional mimicry occurs.
Introduction: why and how we mimic emotions Agneta H. Fischer and Ursula Hess; 1. On the sharing of mind Keith Oatley; 2. The role of mimicry in understanding the emotions of others Marielle Stel; 3. Revisiting the simulation of smiles model: the what, when, and why of mimicking smiles Paula M. Niedenthal, Sebastian Korb, Adrienne Wood and Magdalena Rychlowska; 4. The neuroscience of mimicry during social interactions Leo Schilbach; 5. The social dimension as antecedent and effect of emotional mimicry Ursula Hess, Isabell Huhnerl, Job van der Schalk and Agneta H. Fischer; 6. More than just a mirror: examining the cross-channel mimicry of emotional expressions Skyler Hawk and Agneta H. Fischer; 7. Emotional mimicry: underlying mechanisms and individual differences Marianne Sonnby-Borgstroem; 8. Mimicry, emotion, and social context: insights from typical and atypical humans, robots, and androids Piotr Winkielman, Liam C. Kavanagh and Evan Carr; 9. The neurological basis of empathy and mimicry Miriam Schuler, Sebastian Mohnke and Henrik Walter; 10. Conclusion: towards a better understanding of emotional mimicry Ursula Hess and Agneta H. Fischer.
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