Strengthening Electoral Integrity

Strengthening Electoral Integrity

Norris, Pippa (John F. Kennedy School of Government, Massachusetts)

Cambridge University Press






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Norris offers a theoretical framework for comparing the strengths and weaknesses of agencies and programs with the threats and opportunities for electoral assistance worldwide, establishing a new research agenda in comparative politics, development studies, electoral studies, and voting behavior, and arguing the case for international democratic programs.
Part I. Introduction: Does Electoral Assistance Work?: 1. The pragmatic case for electoral assistance; Part II. Evaluating Electoral Assistance: 2. What is electoral assistance?; 3. Evaluating effectiveness; 4. Threats and opportunities facing electoral assistance; Part III. The Strengths and Weaknesses of Electoral Assistance Programs: 5. Reforming electoral laws; 6. Strengthening women's representation; 7. Supporting independent media; 8. Regulating political finance; 9. Improving voter registration; Part IV. Conclusions: Lessons Learned: 10. Making electoral assistance work better.
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