Statistics for the Social Sciences

Statistics for the Social Sciences

A General Linear Model Approach

Warne, Russell (Utah Valley University)

Cambridge University Press






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This mainstream, accessible textbook provides an introduction to statistics using the General Linear Model, a method that shows the interconnectedness of statistical concepts. The textbook is intended for undergraduate social science majors in a one-semester statistics course.
Preface; Acknowledgements; List of examples; 1. Statistics and models; 2. Levels of data; 3. Visual models; 4. Central tendency and variability; 5. Linear transformations and z-scores; 6. Probability and CLT; 7. NHSST and z-tests; 8. One-sample t-tests; 9. Paired samples t-tests; 10. Unpaired two-sample t-tests; 11. Analysis of variance; 12. Correlation; 13. Regression; 14. Chi-squared test; 15. Advanced methods; Appendices; Glossary; Answer key; References; Index.
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