Statistical Inference as Severe Testing

Statistical Inference as Severe Testing

How to Get Beyond the Statistics Wars

Cambridge University Press






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Preface; Excursion 1. How to Tell What's True about Statistical Inference: Tour I. Beyond probabilism and performance; Tour II. Error probing tools vs. logics of evidence; Excursion 2. Taboos of Induction and Falsification: Tour I. Induction and confirmation; Tour II. Falsification, pseudoscience, induction; Excursion 3. Statistical Tests and Scientific Inference: Tour I. Ingenious and severe tests; Tour II. It's the methods, stupid; Tour III. Capability and severity: deeper concepts; Excursion 4. Objectivity and Auditing: Tour I. The myth of 'the myth of objectivity'; Tour II. Rejection fallacies: whose exaggerating what?; Tour III. Auditing: biasing selection effects and randomization; Tour IV. More auditing: objectivity and model checking; Excursion 5. Power and Severity: Tour I. Power: pre-data and post-data; Tour II. How not to corrupt power; Tour III. Deconstructing the N-P vs. Fisher debates; Excursion 6. (Probabilist) Foundations Lost, (Probative) Foundations Found: Tour I. What ever happened to Bayesian foundations?; Tour II. Pragmatic and error statistical Bayesians; Souvenir (Z) farewell; References; Index.
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