Statistical Concepts for the Behavioral Sciences

Statistical Concepts for the Behavioral Sciences


Cambridge University Press






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1. Making sense of variability: an introduction to statistics; 2. Statistics in the context of scientific research; 3. Looking at data: frequency distributions and graphs; 4. Looking at data: measures of central tendency; 5. Looking at data: measures of variability; 6. The normal distribution, probability, and standard scores; 7. Understanding data: using statistics for inference and estimation; 8. Is there really a difference? Introduction to statistical hypothesis testing; 9. The basics of experimentation and testing for a difference between means; 10. One-factor between-subjects analysis of variance; 11. Two-factor between-subjects analysis of variance; 12. One-factor within-subjects analysis of variance; 13. Correlation: understanding covariation; 14. Regression analysis: predicting linear relationships; 15. Nonparametric statistical tests; Appendix A. Mathematics review; Appendix B. Statistical symbols; Appendix C. Statistical tables; Appendix D. Commonly used formulas; Appendix E. Answers for computational problems; Appendix F. Glossary; References; Name index; Subject index.
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