Stand out of our Light

Stand out of our Light

Freedom and Resistance in the Attention Economy

Williams, James (University of Oxford)

Cambridge University Press






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Are the systems of intelligent persuasion developed by today's tech giants a threat to human freedom? Drawing on insights from Ancient Greece through to Silicon Valley, Williams argues that liberating human attention may be the defining moral and political task of the Information Age. This title is also available as Open Access.
1. Philosophy for trolls; Part I. Distraction by Design: 2. The faulty GPS; 3. The age of attention; 4. Bring your own boundaries; 5. Empires of the mind; Part II. Clicks against Humanity: 6. The citizen is the product; 7. The spotlight; 8. The starlight; 9. The daylight; Part III. Freedom of Attention: 10. The ground of first struggle; 11. The monster and the bank; 12. Marginal people on marginal time; 13. The brightest heaven of invention.