Spinoza's Ethics

Spinoza's Ethics

A Critical Guide

Cambridge University Press






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Introduction Yitzhak Y. Melamed; 1. The indiscernability of identicals and the transitivity of identity in Spinoza's logic of the attributes Don Garrett; 2. Spinoza and Maimonides on teleology and anthropocentrism Warren Zev Harvey; 3. Two puzzles about thought and identity in Spinoza John Morrison; 4. Spinoza and the mark of the mental Martin Lin; 5. The 'physical' interlude Alison Peterman; 6. The causes of our belief in free will: Spinoza on necessary, 'innate', yet false, cognition Yitzhak Melamed; 7. Conatus John Carriero; 8. Scientia intuitiva in the Ethics Kristin Primus; 9. Causa conscientiae' in Spinoza's Ethics Lia Levy; 10. Spinoza on the association of affects and the workings of the human mind Lisa Shapiro; 11. The terminology of the affects in Ethics parts three through five Pina Totaro; 12. Moral realism in Spinoza's Ethics Colin Marshall; 13. Spinoza and the metaphysics of perfection Samuel Newlands; 14. The free man and the free market: ethics, politics, and economics in Spinoza's Ethics IV Beth Lord; 15. Spinoza and the power of reason Michael LeBuffe.
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