Spectrograph Design Fundamentals

Spectrograph Design Fundamentals

James, John

Cambridge University Press






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This 2007 book covers the general principles of spectrographic design, and the practical and engineering aspects of a broad range of spectrographs and spectrometers. This will be a valuable resource for academic researchers, graduate students and professionals in the fields of optics, spectroscopy and optical engineering.
1. A brief history of spectroscopy; 2. The relevant regions of the electromagnetic spectrum; 3. Geometrical optics; 4. Optical aberrations; 5. Fourier transforms - a brief revision; 6. Physical optics and diffraction; 7. The prism spectrograph; 8. The plane grating spectrograph; 9. The concave grating spectrograph; 10. The interference spectrograph; 11. The multiplex spectrometer; 12. Detectors; 13. Auxiliary optics; 14. Optical design; 15. Mechanical design and construction; 16. Calibration; 17. The alignment of a spectrograph; Index.
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