Soft Law and Global Health Problems

Soft Law and Global Health Problems

Lessons from Responses to HIV/AIDS, Malaria and Tuberculosis

Sekalala, Sharifah (University of Warwick)

Cambridge University Press






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This book is for legal, development, policy and health scholars who are interested in global health law. It examines key global health governance questions on how the international community can create access to essential medicines for the millions of people who are suffering from AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria.
1. Framing international legal responses to global health; 2. Hard law and soft law in the global context; 3. Hard law and access to ARVs: examining intellectual property rights; 4. Hard law and access to ARVs: examining the right to health; 5. The soft approach: the Doha Declaration on Public Health; 6. The soft approach: greater access to ARVs within the United Nations; 7. Examining soft law in action: the 3 by 5 initiative and The Global Fund; 8. The case of tuberculosis and malaria; 9. Conclusion.
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