Society for New Testament Studies Monograph Series

Society for New Testament Studies Monograph Series

Timmins, Will N. (Moore Theological College, Sydney)

Cambridge University Press






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The book will be of interest to all scholars and students within the fields of biblical studies and theology. It offers a fresh and satisfying solution to the notorious crux of Romans 7 - the identity of the 'I' - and contributes to our understanding of both the apostle Paul's thought and of Christian theology.
1. Introduction; 2. Speech-in-character: a critical assessment; 3. Romans 3:7: the singularity and solidarity of 'I'; 4. Romans 6:12-19: life in the mortal body; 5. Romans 7.7-13: 'I' and Adamic solidarity; 6. Romans 7:14-25: 'I' and Christian identity; 7. Conclusion; Appendix 1: the first personal singular in Romans.
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