Socialist Law in Socialist East Asia

Socialist Law in Socialist East Asia

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Part I. Socialism and Legality: 1. Socialist law in socialist East Asia Hualing Fu, John Gillespie, Pip Nicholson and William Edmund Partlett; 2. What is not 'socialist' about socialist law Michael Dowdle; Part II. Socialism and Legacies: 3. The historical roots of socialist law William Partlett; 4. Socialist rule of law with Chinese characteristics: a new genealogy Glenn Tiffert; 5. The Soviet legacy and its impact on contemporary Vietnam Pham Duy Nhia; Part III. Constitutions: 6. Diverging trends in the socialist constitutionalism of the People's Republic of China and the Socialist Republic of Vietnam Hualing Fu and Jason Buhi; 7. Constitutional dualism: socialism and constitutionalism in contemporary Vietnam Bui Ngoc Son; Part IV. Justice and Democratic Centralism: 8. Democratic centralism and administration in China Sarah Biddulph; 9. Roots and routes: adapting the Soviet-inspired Vietnamese court and procuracy system Pip Nicholson and Pham Lan Phuong; Part V. Labour: 10. What is socialist about labour law in China? Aaron Halegua and Cynthia Estlund; 11. Strike settlement in transitional Vietnam and the persistence of socialist and Marxist-Leninist influences Do Hai Ha; Part VI. Regulatory Approaches: 12. Is Vietnam transitioning out of socialism or transforming socialism? Searching for answers in commercial regulation John Gillespie; 13. The influence of socialist principles on the legal regulation of markets in China Wendy Ng; Part VII. Land: 14. The evolution of the property system in China: between the socialist heritage and liberal market Chen Li; 15. From revolution to evolution: the changing meanings of socialist land in Vietnam John Gillespie and Toan Le.