Social Histories of Iran

Social Histories of Iran

Modernism and Marginality in the Middle East

Cambridge University Press






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Introduction; I. Iran: 1. The Iranian Revolution, the Islamic Republic and the 'Red 1970s': a Global History; 2. Bread and Justice in Qajar Iran: the Moral Economy, the Free Market and the Hungry Poor; 3. The Dark Side of Modernism: the 'Dangerous Classes' in Iran; II. The Wider Middle East: 4. Noble Robbers, Avengers and Entrepreneurs: Eric Hobsbawm and Banditry in Iran, North Africa and the Middle East; 5. Islam Slave Agency and Abolitionism in Iran, North Africa and the Middle East; 6. Modernism and the Politics of Dress: Anti-Veiling Campaigns in the Muslim World.
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