Smart Mixes for Transboundary Environmental Harm

Smart Mixes for Transboundary Environmental Harm

van Erp, Judith; Philipsen, Niels; Faure, Michael; Nollkaemper, Andre?

Cambridge University Press






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List of figures; List of tables; List of contributors; Preface; List of abbreviations; Part I. Conceptual Approaches to Smart Mixes: 1. Introduction: the concept of smart mixes for transboundary environmental harm Judith van Erp, Michael Faure, Andre Nollkaemper, Niels Philipsen, Jing Liu and Markos Karavias; 2. 'Smart' public-private complementarities in the transnational regulatory and enforcement space Linda Senden; 3. Smart mixes and the challenge of complexity: lessons from global climate governance Philipp Pattberg and Oscar Widerberg; 4. Smart (and not so smart) mixes of new environmental policy instruments Ruediger Wurzel, Anthony Zito and Andrew Jordan; Part II. Fisheries and Forestry: 5. The pursuit of good regulatory design principles in international fisheries law: what possibility of smarter international regulation? Richard Barnes; 6. Mixing regional fisheries management and private certification Markos Karavias; 7. RFMO-MSC smart regulatory mixes for transboundary tuna fisheries Agnes Yeeting and Simon R. Bush; 8. Smart mixes in forest governance Jing Liu; 9. Governing forest supply chains: ratcheting up or squeezing out? Constance McDermott; 10. Public sector engagement with private governance programs: interactions and evolutionary effects in forest and fisheries certification Lars Gulbrandsen; Part III. Climate Change and Oil: 11. Smart mixes, non-state governance and climate change Neil Gunningham; 12. Private control of public regulation: a smart mix? The case of greenhouse gas emission reductions in the EU Marjan Peeters and Mathias Muller; 13. Smart mixes with respect to civil liability regimes for marine oil pollution Michael Faure and Hui Wang; 14. Regulatory mixes in governance arrangements in (offshore) oil production: are they smart? Jan van Tatenhove; Part IV. Concluding Remarks: 15. Conclusion: smart mixes in relation to transboundary environmental harm Judith van Erp, Michael Faure, Andre Nollkaemper and Niels Philipsen.
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