Singing to the Lyre in Renaissance Italy

Singing to the Lyre in Renaissance Italy

Memory, Performance, and Oral Poetry

Wilson, Blake

Cambridge University Press






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Introduction; Part I. The Civic Tradition: The Art of the Canterino: 1. Early history: Ioculatores and Giullari; 2. The Trecento Canterino; Excersus 1: Piazza San Martino: performance, urban space, and audience; 3. The Canterino in the fifteenth century; Part II. The Humanist Tradition: Cantare ad Lyram: 4. Florence: from Canterino to Cantare ad Lyram; Excursus 2: Filippino Lippi's portrait of a Canterino; 5. Cantare ad Lyram and humanist education; 6. Cantare ad Lyram in the courts; 7. Rome: Cantare ad Lyrum at the summit; Epilogue: the sixteenth century.
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canterino; improvvisatore; oral poetry; humanism; memory; lira da braccio; singing; improvisation; Renaissance; Orpheus